Heart Healthy Behavior

Heart Healthy Behavior


Daily Tips to help reduce your risk of a heart illness


Even after having several risk of a heart disease, there are healthy way to help reduce your chance of getting a heart disease.

  1. Go for regular checkups: At least twice a year, get a qualified medical practitioner to help carry out to assure you haven’t developed conditions that may put you at risk for heart disease. And if you already have one, they will help manage the condition.
  2. You can get a home device that helps you keep tab on your blood pressure, cholesterol level. This should be done at regular intervals.
  3. If you have diabetes, make sure you’re eating well, closely watching your sugar level, exercising and you’ve quit smoking and alcohol.
  4. Never Skip Medication: Use your medication as directed by the physician. If you notice any unpleasant side effects, report immediately to your doctor.
  5. Take foods that protects your heart: How to do this? Use proper serving sizes when eating and stay within your calorie limit. Cut back on sugary drinks, red meat, sodium, trans fat. Eat variety of foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat, fish and lean meat. Eat foods rich in fiber.
  6. Get regular exercises: Exercise helps to strengthen your heart and improve blood circulation. It also help reduce blood pressure which can help reduce your risk of a heart disease
  7. Limit Alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure and also increase your calories which exposes you to heart diseases. Men should have not more than two alcoholic drink a day and women, not more than one.
  8. Manage stress: Stress is linked to heart disease in many ways. It can increase your blood pressure which can trigger a heart attack. Some common ways to help manage stress includes listening to music, focusing on calmness, meditating, going for a peaceful walk etc.
  9. Make sure you get enough sleep and rest
  10. Quit Smoking

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